Data Identification Solution

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Data Identification

Auto discovering content where it sits, extracting information from within the file itself, adding intelligence through auto-tagging of files based on simple customizable taxonomies.


  • Data-In-Place
  • Automatic Scanning
  • Unified Central View


  • Content Indexing
  • Pre-loaded Data Filters
  • Data Tagging


  • Data Map
  • File Management
  • File Removal


  • Time-Stamped
  • Advanced Data Search
  • Interactive Data Policy



Virtual File Overlay

Automatic scanning process for files regardless of location, device or storage:

  • Network
  • Local
  • Cloud

Unified View

A continuously updated central index describing each file, including its source location.


Highly Scalable

Java-based scanners deployable on multiple platforms, in multiple locations:

  • Windows, MacOS, Linux
  • 1 or more per client/host
  • Auto sync if connection lost


Putting content into context by improving the quality and value of data


Content extraction

Ability to index textual content and embedded metadata within files:

  • Over 1100 supported file types
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Elements added to existing distributed file index

Data filtering

Extensive preloaded set of data patterns that administrators select from to automatically search for matching content:

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Health Insurance Privacy and Portability act (HIPPA)
  • Custom pattern creation (eDiscovery, FOIA, etc.)

Data tagging

Enhanced file index through addition of metadata (tags) for organization, classification, process delineation:

  • Multi-Tag support
  • Enhanced access controls
  • Automated data workflows



Data map

Identifies a tagged file’s physical location(s):

  • Detailed table showing all duplicate files
  • Options for moving, removing and organizing individual files

File management

Individual files can be managed right from the Alchemi desktop application:

  • File Copy – Copies sent to one or more storage targets
  • File Tagging – Additional metadata added to file(s)
  • Collection - Files can be added to other Collections

File Removal

Original file(s) can be removed from their physical location, be it on a network file share, laptop or even in the cloud (DropBox, iDrive, gDrive, etc.)



Collection report

Complete listing of matching files for selected search libraries:

  • Full file path
  • Duplicate file details
  • Scanning & Indexing status (success/failure)
  • Summary charts for data match

Advanced search

Ad-hoc query tool for analyzing indexed content:

  • Document metadata & content search capability
  • Detailed file information window
  • Integrated chat/messaging system for research collaboration

Interactive data management

Reporting interface provides users with integrated data management functions:

  • Manual tagging
  • File removal (from source)
  • File distribution (multi-file selection capability)
  • File archiving